Orlando Law is a licensed law firm based in Zurich, Switzerland. Founded in 2017 by Herr Luca Orlando, a Swiss bar association registered attorney . As one of the pioneers in scam recovery, Mr. Hebeisen possesses various resources to retrieve stolen funds from Forex, CFD’s, Binary Options, and crypto websites. Due to the nature of our business, our exclusive team of solicitors is highly trained in dealing with the emotional baggage fraud victims carry. Transparency is a top priority among our staff as we are well experienced with the natural skepticism of our potential plaintiffs. Rest assured, you will be treated with the utmost professionalism throughout the process as we are driven by integrity and ethics. If you believe you have been scammed by an online trading company, kindly leave your contact information on the link below, and one of our professional legal consultants will get back to you shortly.



In recent years, we have witnessed a disturbing increase in online fraud cases. Orlando Law offers diversified attorneys to provide legal coverage of every aspect. One of our areas of expertise is off-court settlement meetings in which our team of solicitors negotiates compensations for our plaintiffs. Here at Orlando Law, we acknowledge that the majority of our clients lost their life savings to unregulated trading entities, and therefore we are incredibly flexible regarding our upfront payments. Due to the high upfront costs our firm must endure prior to bringing a case to fruition, we cannot offer any no-win no-fee claims; however, by implementing installments, we ensure that our legal fees are affordable for every pocket. Furthermore, our exclusive clientele comprises individuals who carry emotional baggage and skepticism after being manipulated. Thus, our highly-trained representatives are qualified and experienced in dealing with such apprehensions. Our firm is expected to be on a higher pedestal in terms of integrity and professional ethics due to the nature of our business. Hence, transparency is one of the values we hold to the highest degree.



Before evaluating a case, our potential plaintiffs must fill out a short survey on our website. The questionnaire contains various inquiries regarding the fraudulent activities that took place. Kindly answer all the questions in the survey with the utmost seriousness since it is a critical element of our procedure for deciding whether or not we can represent you. Once you have finished the survey, kindly forward us all the evidence you have kept relevant to the scam you underwent. The evidence mentioned above refers to the funds you transferred to the deceitful "trading" website (such as bank statements/ Credit Card receipts/Cryptocurrency transactions, or even documents issued by the "trading" website). If you still have access to the trading platform, you can take screenshots of your transaction history. This would be the most helpful method to ascertain your lost amount.


Our dedicated Legal Consultants will forward all the evidence that you provided together with your online survey  to our paralegals for data processing. Once we have completed our assessment of your claim and determined that your case is sufficiently strong (or not), we will outline your legal options and the costs involved.


Most of the claims against fraudulent companies are settled off court, to be exact more than 87% of the claims are not represented in court, With our highly experienced legal team Orlando Law will use every resource to ensure the best  possible outcome.

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