A M Global Management 
A Nova Corporate Services 
Anova Corporate Services 
A.I.M. Corporation Limited 
Abacus Group Co Limited 
Abbey House Acquisitions 
Abel Myers Consulting 
Aberdeen Asset Management 
Abridge Enterprises 
AC Capital Venture 
Accounting and Tax Planners of NY Inc 
Adam International Trading Group Ltd 
Adams Group 
Adams Group International 
Adderley Davis and Associates 
Admiral Global Private Equity 
ADS Quality Financial Services 
Advanced Financial Union Ltd 
Advantage Securities Inc 
Advent-Oriental Asset Management 
Advisor Dealer Services Inc (ADS Inc.) 
Aedan Investment Mortgage Inc 
AEG Investment Limited 
Aeon Loans Financial Services 
Aero Tech Turbines 
Ag Investor Fund 
Agro Micron Ltd 
AJ Witherspoon and Co 
All Media EOOD 
Alliance Financial Advisory 
Alliance Financial Regulatory Board 
Alliance FX Capital Ltd 
Alliance Group Tokyo 
Allied Asset Management 
Allied Capital Management L.P 
Allied International Investment Limited 
Allied Pacific Ventures 
Allied Sovereign Zurich 
Alpha Financial Group 
Alpha Takeovers 
Amber Capital Partners 
Abramson International 
Ambramson Limited 
AMC International (HK) Limited  
American Energy Exchange (AMENX) 
American Futures and Options Exchange 
American Futures and Options Trading Commission 
American Heritage Stock Transfer Inc. 
Amsel Commodities AG 
Annex International Mergers and Acquisitions 
Anton Falk Capital Partners 
Apollo Asset Management 
Apollo Asset Management HK 
Apollo Impex General Trading LLC 
Aqua Securities L.P 
Aragon Currency Management 
ARAM Binary Options 
ARAM Wealth Management Ltd 
Arcadia Capital Associates 
Argus Capital Limited 
Aries Ventures Inc 
Arista Capital Ventures 
Arumas Ways OÃœ 
Arya Group Ltd 
Asean Commodities Inc 
Ashton Cole Global 
Ashton Cole Global Investments 
Asia World Capital Group 
Asian Pacific Advisors Ltd 
Asset Cap Management 
Asset Capital Management 
Asset Castle Investments Ltd 
Asset Mergers & Acquisitions 
Associated Financial Services 
Association For Certified Financial Crime Examiners 
Astra Group Pty Ltd 
Atlantic International Partners 
Atlas Asia Investment Partners 
Atlas Capital Corp 
Aura Mergers and Acquisitions 
Aurum International Management 
Ausante LLC 
Austrian Futures & Options Trading Exchange 
Axe Invest 
Axis Capital Group 
Axis Corporate Finance Pty Ltd 
Axis Corporate 
B. O. Technologies Limited 
Banc 54 Limited 
Investra Direct 
Banc De Binary Ltd 
BankDirect FX 
Barrington Capital Ventures Ltd 
Barrington Consultants Inc 
Bauer Global Finanz 
Baxter Financial Group 
Baycorp International 
BBB Markets 
OB Capital Limited 
Beacon Commodities and Futures Exchange 
Beacon Global Management Inc. 
Beacon Hill Regulatory Trade Commission, The 
Beijing Capital Trading 
Beijing International Research 
Belgium Commodities & Futures Exchange 
Bell International Asset Management 
Belleminghum Schweiz Commodities 
BDB Services Ltd 
Belmont Capital Holdings New York 
Bench Group, The 
Benson Dupont International 
Benson Futures Ltd 
Benson Walter Private Equity 
Berchmans Lee Company Inc 
Bergues Invest 
Berkeley Samson International 
Berkley Sinclair Partners and Associates 
Berline Overseas Corporation 
Bernstein & Zeiglier 
Binary Uno 
Birchtree Financial Services 
Blaine & Thompson S.A 
Blane & Blanchett Inc 
Bloombex Options 
Blossom Hill Investments 
Blue Sky Solutions Pty Ltd 
Bluefield Partners 
BNP Forex Limited 
Board of Securities Trading Commission 
Boss Capital 
Boston Global Finance Inc 
Boston Mergers and Acquisitions Board 
Bosum Limited 
Bradford-Kempner Investments Ltd 
Belmont Capital NY 
BHP Mergers 
Bradstone Healy & Pratt Mergers and Acquisitions 
Branford Capital Management 
Breakthrough Venture Partners 
Brent Stokes Associates 
Brett Commodities GMBH 
Bridge Capital Advisors 
Bridgestone Global Partners 
Bridgway First Hand Trading Inc 
Brightbridge Wealth Management Inc 
Brighter Trade 
Brinton Group, The 
Brooks Pearson Investment Limited 
Bureau of Financial Services Board 
Bureau of Financial Trading 
Bureau of Foreign Security Affairs 
Bureau of International Securities Trading 
Burton Fiennes Financial Advisors Ltd 
Bushido Technologies OÃœ 
C T Holding Ltd 
Commodity and Currency Global Co Limited 
C&C Global Co Limited 
C&C Trading LLC 
Cadell Acton Group International 
Callaway International 
Caltherm Co. Private Equity LLC 
Cambridge Capital Trading 
Cambridge Consulting 
Cambros Capital Ltd 
Campbell Global Network 
Campbell Investments Limited 
Campton Hays Morrison Incorporated 
Cantwell International 
Cantwell Holdings 
Canyon International HK 
Capital Advisory Corporation 
Capital Alliance Inc. 
Capital Alliance International 
Capital Arc Holdings 
Capital Assets Limited 
Capital Consultants 
Capital Consultants Management Ltd 
Capital Eurasia 
Capital Invest Solutions 
Capital Management Limited 
Capital Marketing Services 
Capital Strategy Partners 
Capital Trust Management 
Capzone Invest Ltd 
Carson Fitch 
Carter Jones Capital 
Castle Gate Trading 
Cathay Asset Management 
Cathay DuPont Limited 
Caveat Loans ITstrong 
Cayo Flow Capital 
Celivox Alliance 
Center Capital Trading (‘CCT’) 
Central Finance Regulatory Commission 
Central Registry Regulators Board 
Century Commodities 
Century Insight Inc 
CF Marketing Group Ltd 
CFD Stocks 
CGR Consultants 
Changecapital SM Ltd 
Charles Fleming Co Ltd 
Charlotte Investments 
Chartered Capital Management 
Chase Capital Inc 
Chaubert Asset Management 
Chelsea Commercial Brokerage House 
Chemmi Holdings Ltd 
Cheshire Capital Ltd 
Chesworth & Capehart Consulting Group 
Chicago Accounting 
Chicago Board of Acquisition, Inc 
Chicago Tax Services 
China Environment Group Limited 
China International Capital Holdings 
China Mineral Company Limited (CMC) 
China Pacific Capital 
Christian Muhr Investment Research 
Churchill Acquisitions 
Churchill Securities Inc 
Churchill Capital USA Inc 
CIT Investments Ltd 
CitiFund Asset Management Inc 
Clanvale Securities, S.A. 
Classic Consultants 
CLC Acquisition Corp 
Clean Earth Investments 
Clear VX Ltd 
Clearwater Commodities Futures andCommodities Trading Brokerage 
CMZ Trading 
Cogan Davis & Associates 
Cohen & Nesbit Group Ltd 
Collwood & Hall, Ltd 
Commission on Financial and Securities Compliance 
Committee of Regulation and Liquidation on Private Ventures 
Commodities Futures Trading Commission 
Commodity and Currency Global Co Limited 
Commonwealth Monetary Group 
Commonwealth Regulatory Board 
Conquest Trading Technologies Limited 
Consorteum Holdings Inc 
Continental Private Equity LLC 
Cooperative Fair Investment 
Cover Capital Partners 
Crawford Peale, Inc 
Crenshaw Asset Management 
Crest International Investment Inc 
Cross Harbour Trading 
Cross Ocean Adviser 
Crown Alpha Limited 
Crown Financial Management 
Crowne Noble TA 
CTC Holdings Co 
Dachser Global Markets 
Dallas International Trading 
Darryl Stephen Argent 
Dartalon Ltd 
Dartmouth Financial Inc 
Davis Goldberg Group 
Davis Hunt 
Dawson Turner 
Day Dream Investments Ltd 
DB Trust 
DCA Limited 
Dearborn International 
Definitive Exchange Trading System Ltd 
Delmedica Investments Limited 
Delta Trade Financial Group 
Department of Financial Trading 
Department of Foreign Investment Control 
Department of Global Market Acquisitions 
Department of International Financial Trading 
Department of Securities Liquidations 
Department of Securities Trading 
DES Options 
Deutsche CapitalHoldings Inc 
DFA Management Limited 
Dial Mergers 
Dierbergs Enterprises 
Digital Gold Exchange 
Diligent Solutions 
Direct Generations 
Diversified Capital International Corporation 
Diversified Global Capital Group 
Diversified Investments Group Inc 
DLM Limited 
DMT Limited 
Donaldson and Turner 
Dongyin Futures 
Douglas Baker & Co 
Dreyfus Securities Ltd 
Drobium Associates 
DSR Wealth Management Group 
Dubai Options Exchange 
Dublin Castle Investments Inc 
Duke’s & Company Securities Inc 
Dulton Group, The 
Dunhill Capital 
Dupont Securities AG 
DW Consultants Limited 
E Go Trade 
East Tech Trading 
East West Financial & Securities Compliance 
East West Options Ltd 
Eastman Johnston Incorporated 
Eco Investment Group 
Ecovexco Investment Group 
Edgewatercapital LLC 
EDI International Limited 
Edinburgh Asset Management Limited 
Eduard Steinbach PLC 
Edward Banks Acquisitions 
Eidelberg Geller 
Electronic Capital Markets Limited 
Elevated Financial Services 
Elevated Loan Services 
Elite Business Management 
Elliot & Jones 
Emirates Asset Management Ltd 
Empire Asset Investments LLC 
Empire Capital Partners 
Empire State Consultants 
Emporis Trading 
Endeavour Mergers and Acquisitions 
Energy Climate International 
Energy Development Global Limited 
Energy Group International 
Eno Capital Limited 
Envirocell Systems Inc 
Epic Ventures Ltd 
Equiasia Group Limited 
Equinox Equities 
Equities Trading Commission 
ESI Group Limited 
Euroflex Commodities 
European Association of Futures and Options Traders 
European Consumer Protection Bureau 
European Futures Options Commission 
Evan Thompson Advisory 
Evergreen Consulting Corporation 
Evolution Market Group Inc 
Extensa Financial Services 
Ezy Savings 
Fairchild Roth Financial Inc 
Fastcash Biz 
FBC Asia Limited 
Fcorp Services Ltd 
Federal Assurance Regulatory Commission 
Federal Capital Inc 
Federal Mergers & Securities Board 
FG Solutions International 
FGM Technology Ltd 
Fidelity Corporate Services 
FiFx Global 
Financial Assets Corporation 
Financial Assurance Regulatory Board 
Financial Capital Alliance (Asia) Ltd 
Financial Markets Alliance Inc (FMAI) 
Financial Markets Supervisory Authority of Hong Kong 
Financial Plus HK 
Financial Plus Limited 
Financial Services Regulator of Hong Kong 
Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Belgium 
Financial Trading Group International S.A. 
Financials Trading Online 
FinAxa Settlements 
Fintrade Advisors Inc 
Firkin Asset Consultants Ltd 
First Atlantic Corporation 
First Chartered Capital 
First Colonial Management 
First Equis Limited 
First Euro Trading Group 
First Federal Capital 
First Forex 
First Global Commodities and Futures Exchange 
First Independent Capital Resources Inc 
First National Financial Group Inc 
First New York Securities LLC 
First Reserve Co. Ltd 
First Standard Consolidated 
First Trading Group 
First World Registrars 
FL Lober Tax Consultants 
Flagship Consolidated 
Fleetwood Mergers and Acquisitions 
FM Trader 
FM Ventures Inc 
FM Wealth Management 
Genum Ltd 
Forbidden City Venture Capital 
Foreign Currency International 
Foreign Shareholders Protection Department 
Foreign Trade International 
Forensic Financial Fraud Investigators 
Forest City Basin Resources Ltd 
Fortress International, Inc 
Fortune International Inc 
Fortune Way Limited 
Fox Chase Capital Partners 
Fraser-Mackie Wealth Management Ltd 
Freelander & Kuhn 
Freeman Wealth Management Company 
Freemont Trading 
FRG Europe Ou 
Front Futures 
FSM Smart 
First Euro Trading Group 
FTM Consulting 
FTO Capital 
Fujiwara Group, The 
Fukumoto, Toshihiro and Partners Futures Trading (FTP) 
Fund Access Limited 
Futures Trading Standards Commission 
FXFWay UK Limited 
Gatestar Gaming Inc 
Gateway International 
Gateway Mercantile Exchange 
Gaylord & Finch 
GE Capital Finance Company 
GE Capital Finance SpA 
General Commerce Bank of Vienna 
General Commerce Bank AG 
Genius Investments 
Geo Survey Management Ltd 
Georgian Group, The 
Gerson-Lehmann Inc 
Gerstein Global Futures 
GFC Investments 
Gibson Petersen Company Limited 
Gilt Edged Equities LLC 
GLFM Group Ltd 
Global Asset Partners Ltd 
Global Capital Australia 
Global Capital Group Mergers and Acquisitions 
Global Capital Wealth 
Global Direct Financial 
Global E-Finance Investment Group 
Global Interactive 
Global Link Mergers and Acquisitions 
Global M & A Commission 
Global Management Inc 
Global Metal and Commodities Exchange 
Global Option Solutions 
Global Option Trading Co Ltd 
Global Options Group 
Global Options (Belgique) SA 
Global Options S.A. 
Global Quest Emerging Fund LP 
Global Regulatory Authority 
Global Sun Solutions (GSS) 
Global Trade and Transfer Ltd 
Global-Shopping.Net, Inc 
GN Capital Ltd 
Go Trading Technologies Ltd 
Goldberg & Partners Inc 
Golden Day Profit Kamyip Co. Limited 
Golden Futures Incorporated (GFI) 
Golden Medallion Trading 
Goldenberg Limited 
Goldman Asset Management 
Goldman Sachs Asia Investment Management (Hong Kong) Limited 
Goldstein Investments 
Goldwater Global Management 
Goodwin Capital Management Limited 
Gordon Vaughn and Associates 
Gould Ventures 
Grace Morley & Associates 
Grand Capital Inc 
Grant Trust Company 
Graphene Sensors Inc 
Great Lakes Securities 
Great Wall Capital (GWC) 
Greater Advisory 
Green Oak Ltd 
Green River Ou 
Green Street Ventures 
Greentree Financial Advisors Inc 
Greenwich Asia 
Greenwich Asia Group 
Greer Fox Yamato 
GRF Europe OÃœ 
Griffin Mergers and Acquisitions Office 
GSI Markets 
GT Options 
Guaranty Consolidated 
Gumpold Christian & Co. 
Hamburg Capital 
Hamilton & Associates 
Hamilton Frasier Group 
Hamilton Wealth Advisors 
Hampshire Capital Ventures Ltd 
Hanson Commodities 
Hanworth Weir Ltd 
Harbor Capital Management 
Harbour Acquisitions 
Harmon Bauer International Inc 
Harold Baker Law Group 
Harrington Advisory Services 
Harrison Lee Partners 
Harvest Asset Holdings Ltd 
Hastings Capital Group, The 
HB Group SA 
HBC Broker 
Hedgestone Group 
Heinz Osterkamp Wertpapierhandels GMBH 
Helvetica Trust & Fiduciary Group 
Hentsch & Müller (Hong Kong) Ltd 
Hentsch & Müller S.A. 
Heritage Financial Inc 
Heritage Mergers and Acquisitions 
Heron Asset Management 
Hicend International Trading Group 
Hinsley Ford 
Hirsche Private Asset Management Ltd 
HIS Commodities 
HK Equity 
HK Forex (HK) Co Ltd 
Hokkaido Investments Sp 
Holper Global Investment Group 
Hong Kong Financial Services Authority 
Hong Kong Financial Trading Authority (HKFTA) 
Hong Kong Futures and Options Exchange (HKFOX) 
HongKong Tooptions Ltd 
Howard James Group UK 
Howell Schine & Co 
HPR Commodities 
HQ Broker 
Hudson International 
Hudson Munroe 
Hydro Environmental International 
Hydro Solutions Asia Limited 
Icahn Associates Corp 
I-Chance Online 
Icon Capital Management 
IDX Trading 
Igoten OU 
Imperial (Hong Kong) Limited 
Imperial Acquisitions 
Imperial Equity Holdings 
Imperial Limited 
Imperial Quest Ventures 
Imperial Trade Management Limited 
In and In Management Limited 
Independent Brokers LLC 
Indochine Nominees 
Indochine Nominees Ltd 
Industrial Research Ltd 
Infinity Holdings Ltd 
Infinity Partners Limited 
Innova Equity Corporation 
Innovative Consulting Inc 
Institutional Direct 
Integrated Dynamic Solutions Group 
Integrated Financial Regulatory Board 
Intelligent Capital 
Intelligent V.B. Limited 
Inter Reef Ltd 
Interactive Trading Co Ltd 
Intercapital Equity Partners 
Intercontintental Financial Regulatory Board 
Inter-global Financial Regulatory Board 
InterGlobal Mergers & Acquisitions 
Interglobal Option Exchange 
Interglobal Trading Co Ltd 
International Asset Management 
International Association for Investor Protection 
International Association of Transfer Agents 
International Center for Fraud Examiner 
International Commission of Securities 
International Compliance Commission 
International Currency Advisors 
International Currency Group 
International Currency Traders 
International Energy Exchange 
International Equities Registration 
International EquityCommission 
International Equity Authority 
International Equity Inc 
International Exchange Regulatory Commission 
International Exchanges Group 
International Financial Forensics Organization 
International Holdings Corporation 
International Medical Ventures 
International Mergers 
International Offshore Financial Markets Regulators 
International Options Exchange 
International Organization of Securities Commission 
International Regulatory Commission 
International Securities Tax Commission 
International Securities Verification Centre 
International Shareholder Agency 
International Stock and Asset Compliance Center 
Intertrade Asset Management 
Investing Futures 
Investment Advisors & Consultants Ltd 
Investors Securities Corporation 
Invision Private Equity AG 
iOption Group Ltd 
Irving Horowitz Mergers and Acquisitions 
IS Commodities 
ISS International Marketing Co Ltd 
Itochu Capital 
IXIS Capital Group 
Jack Wilson Trading 
Jacob and Richardson Associates 
Jacob Morgan Investment House 
Jacobs & Kiplinger 
Jag Trading 
James Carter 
James Church 
Jan Wilen and Partners 
Japan Futures Trading Fund (JFTB) 
Japan Options and Futures Trading Board 
JD Abrams & Associates 
JD Trading 
JDZ Forensics Inc 
Jefferson Clark Associates 
JF Kidwell Limited 
JI Financial Forensics 
JJ Bauer Equity Research 
JJ Bauer Asset Management 
JJ Matthias Asset Management 
Johannson Linqvist Associates 
Johnson Financial Consulting 
Jones Mutual 
Jones Venture Source 
Joshua Consulting Ltd 
JR Matthey 
Jura Financial 
Käferberg Trading 
Kaufman Franz Wealth Management 
Kaufmann-Rothstein International 
Kearns Investments Inc 
Keep Clearing Corp 
Kenney Financial Management 
Kensington Group, The 
Key Value Wealth Management 
Keyds Lydya Ltd 
Keyds Scotland 
KFM Investment Group 
King Capital Management 
Kingsley Capital Partners Inc 
Kingsman Investment Limited 
Kingston Financial Group 
Klein International 
KLM Investment Services Limited 
KML Investments Limited 
Knight & Bradshaw 
Knight & McKenzie Partners 
Knowle Sachs & Company 
Koenig Rowe Campbell Alliance 
Kohler Commodities 
Labanna Capital Management 
Lakeshore Private Equity 
Lambert McMillan Corporation 
Lance Futures 
Landen Options and Futures 
Landmark Mergers and Acquisitions Inc 
Larosa Holdings Limited 
Lau Global Services Corporation, MXTrade 
Lawton and Yeung 
Lead Capital Partners 
Lee Hamilton & Associates 
Lexington Direct 
Lexington Pty International Inc 
Joshua Development Limited 
LFG Investments Ltd 
LGT Capital Partners 
Liberty Asset Management 
Liberty Assets Inc 
Liberty First Financial Services 
Liberty Global Partners 
Liberty Management Group 
Liberty Securities 
Liberty Venture Holdings 
Libor Capital 
Lifex Pharmaceuticals Inc 
Lincoln Financial Group 
Lincoln Market Research 
Link Mergers & Acquisitions 
Linx Asset Management 
Live Binary 
Lloyds & Lambert CapitalVentures Inc 
Lloyds and Barclays, Inc 
LM Swiss Direct Ltd (LM Swiss) 
SwissFX Pro 
Locker Capital Management 
Locker Global Management 
Lockhart Trading Company Limited 
London Acquisition Group 
London Aquisition Group 
London Capital Group 
Lowe and Lane Asset Management 
Loyal Relations Ltd 
Lucas Strauss Consultants Austria 
Lucky Pearl Investments Ltd 
Luxembourg Offshore Banking 
LUXOSB Limited 
L-V Partners 
Lynx Limited 
Lyon Group Inc, The 
M6 Trading Group Pty Ltd 
Macmar Investment Corporation 
Madison Group, The 
Madison Private Equity LLC 
Madley Capital Management Limited 
Magna Capital Research 
Magnum Options 
Manhattan Pacific Group Ltd, The 
Maplewalk Limited 
Marc Hermann Wealth Management 
Marcus Tiller Associates Ltd 
Marlborough Acquisitions Inc 
Marsh Treasury 
Mason McHale Portfolio Management 
Masters and Bettman 
Matthew-Christ Expert Consulting 
Max Options 
Maxi Services Belize Ltd 
Maxim Trader 
Maxim Capital Ltd 
Maxim TA International (MTA) 
MBA Capital Limited 
MCF Consultants 
McKenzie Smith 
McKinney Bristol 
McVite Equity Group 
Mercantile International Securities 
Maxim Traders 
Merchant Marx 
Merchants International Investment Corporation 
Mercury Acquisitions Associates 
Meridian International Trading 
Mayer and Wegner Acquisitions 
Meyer and Wegner Acquisitions 
MGM Markets 
MHGG Tech Solutions Limited 
MI Financial Trading Limited 
Michael Ulrich Hartmann 
Midal Consulting 
Mike Morgan Loans 
Millenium Financial Group 
Millenium Futures Ltd 
Millennium Options 
Wallberg Ltd 
Miller Bosses Acquisitions Inc 
Milton Financials 
Milton Keynes Capital Partners LLP 
Moer Futures Index 
Montgomery Roth International Ltd 
Morgan International Investment Group Inc 
Morgan Pacific Capital Inc 
Morris Commodities 
Morrison Cross Financial Investments Ltd 
MPG Invest Limited 
MTC Global Group 
Muller & Sons Securities Management Inc 
Muller Schmidt Associates 
Myers & Baker Associates 
Nanotech Industries Inc 
National Compliance Regulatory Board 
National Finance Commission 
National Financial Commission 
National Mergers and Acquisitions Board 
National Shareholder Protection Agency 
Nationwide Mergers & Acquisitions Inc 
NBR Trading Co Ltd 
NBR Trading Yokohama 
Netotrade Global Investments Ltd 
Netotrade UK Ltd 
New Century International 
New Lines Futures Austria 
New York Options Exchange 
New York Petroleum Option Exchange (NYPOE) 
Newbridge Securities Corporation 
Newburgh Asset Management 
Newport Energy Asia Investor Relations 
Newport Pacific Securities & Management Inc 
Next Futures Co Ltd 
Nomura Financial 
Nona Marketing Ltd 
North Pacific Mergers and Acquisitions LLC 
North Point Commodities 
Northern Pegasus LLC 
Northpoint Portfolio Management Ltd 
Norton Pearce Associates 
Norwich Asset Management (UK) Ltd 
Norwich Group 
Norwick & Crowley 
NRG Capital Limited 
NTMT Transformatic Markets OU 
Nuventis Corporate Services Group 
Oak Harbour Limited 
Oakfair Investment 
Oakmont Financial Mergers 
Ocean Bridge Partnerships 
Ocean Financial Management 
OF Eastern 
Office of Financial Affairs 
Offshore Commodity Futures Dealers Association 
Offshore Futures Securities Association 
Offshore Investors Protection Association 
Old Trader Investment Management 
Olympia Capital Exchange 
Omega Finances AG 
Omni Global Solutions SRL 
Omni Capital Ltd 
One Capital Corporation 
One Two Trade 
OneCoin Limited 
OneLife Network Limited 
Online Classic Company 
Onyx Acquisitions 
Oppenheimer International 
Oppenheimer Lloyd Consultants 
Oproserv Limited 
Optimum Resources International Limited 
Option 500 
Option Financial Markets 
Options and Futures Eastern Trading Ltd 
Options and Futures Trade Commission 
Options Extreme LLC 
Oracle Mergers 
Oracle Stone Limited 
Orion Solutions SRL 
Osborn & McKenzie International 
Osiris Asia Pacific 
Overseas Holding Compensation Commission 
Overseas Management Group Inc 
Oxford Financial Services 
Pace Capital Corp 
Pacific Alliances 
Pacific Charted Assets 
Pacific Energy Exchange 
Pacific Global Advisors 
Pacific Rim Wealth Management 
Pacific Sunrise UK Ltd 
Palladium Cathay Intermediaries 
Pan Euro Financial SA 
Panmure Gordon & Co 
Paradigm Resources Ltd 
Parker Jennings 
Parker Stanford 
Parkfield Trading 
Parnassus Group LLC 
Parry Thorsten Partners 
Patcham Investment Funds 
Patience Providence 
Patterson Harvey 
Paulson Management LLC 
PCA Management Trust LLC 
Peak Commodities 
Peak Power Direct Limited 
Pearl Asia Holdings Limited 
Pearson Investments LLC 
Pearson Investments 
Pendelton and Associates 
Perrin Holden & Davenport Capital Corporation 
Peter Snider Consulting 
Petro Technologies Ltd 
Pfeiffer Galland Limited 
PFM Trading 
PHG Trading 
Phoenix Alliance International 
Phoenix Creek Capital 
Phoenix International Limited 
Phoenix Private Equity LLC 
Pinnacle Group Limited 
Pioneer Equity Acquisition 
Platinum Investment Holding Corporation 
Platinum Pacific Ltd 
Plutus Private Equity LLC 
Pointe Capital Partners Inc 
Polaris Venture Partners 
Porter Finance 
Powell Financial Services 
Powell McDougall 
Power Point Capital 
Powerhouse Corporate Finance 
Prava Law Group LLC 
Premier eFinance 
Premier Partners Inc 
Premiere Asset Management 
Prestige Group Ltd 
Prestige Private Wealth 
Pretium Ventures 
Price & Partners Consultants 
Price Foley 
Price Warner Company Ltd 
Prime CFDs 
Prime Global Inc 
Private Lending Pty Ltd 
Private Trading Acquisitions 
Private Venture Capital Group 
Pro Capital Asset Management 
Progress Investments LLC 
Provident International Asset Management 
Prowex Solutions & Services Corporation 
PRU Structured Assets 
Prudential Regulatory Board 
Pryce Weston Incorporated 
PT. Dolok Permai 
QMC Element Parisey Index LLP 
Quantum Private Equity LLC 
Quick Loan Services Pty Ltd 
R P Hayes & Associates 
R&G Securities & Transfers Inc 
Raimon & Associates 
Raven Securities Corp 
RDG Trading Inc. 
RE Group International 
Reach Wealth Management 
Red Enterprise 
Redfield Markets Ltd 
Redford Securities 
Regal Capital Group LLC 
Regal Group International 
Regional Regulatory Board 
Regulatory Association of Offshore Investment Managers 
Regulatory Compliance Commission 
Reinhard Hofer Venture Partners 
Reinhard Hofer International 
Resona International Management 
RGM Trading 
RI Markets 
Rich Futures Limited 
Richards and Company Future Commission Merchant (RCFCM) 
Richardson Resources Inc 
Richmond Capital Management 
Ridgeway Group LLC 
Rive Financial SA 
River Valley Trading Pte 
RJL International Ltd 
Rochelle Finances 
Rock Smith Options Limited 
Rosenberg Smith & Partners 
Rosenthal International Inc 
Roseville Trading 
Rothstein and Ross Ltd 
Royal Acquisitions Inc 
Royal State Global Financial Solutions 
Royce Equity Management 
Royce Sanford 
RTG Direct Trading Ltd 
Rutherford Consultants 
Rutherford Franklin Ltd 
Saba Capital Management 
Sacher Finanz 
S-Acquisition Corp 
Safe Harbour Ltd 
Safe Mark Limited 
Safeguard Equity Group 
Sapphire Global Market Ltd 
Sauer Capital S.A. 
Saxon & Swift 
SCFS Trading Limited 
Schuman Lindeberg SA 
Scott W. Thomas, Attorney-at-law 
Secure Future Trading 
Secured Collateral 
Secured Options 
Securities Regulatory and Investment Board 
Securities Regulatory Commission 
Seedorf Luxman and Partners 
Seisma Oil Research LLC 
Shaw Capital Management 
Sheffield Global Investments 
Shenzhen Capital Management 
Shepherds Hill Partners 
Sherman Brothers 
Shimbashi & Partners 
Shin Futures 
Shintomi Trading 
Short Term Lending Solutions 
Sicfex Swiss International Commodities Futures Exchange 
Sigama Capital Management 
Sigma Forex 
Silver Ridge Resources 
Simpson & Greene Mergers And Acquisitions Inc 
Simpson Venture Limited 
Sinclair Capital Management Limited 
Skyfame Tower 
Smith & Henderson Associates Inc 
Smith & Olsson 
Smith Beaucamp Investments 
Solitaire Management Services (Asia) Ltd 
Solvay Financial S.A 
Song Management Group 
South Beach Technologies Limited 
Southeast Pacific Investment 
Sparen FX 
Spencer Capital Partners 
Milano Trade 
Spot Capital Markets Ltd 
Spring Ventures 
Stack Options 
Stamford Financial Limited 
Standard Fidelity Ltd 
Stanley Cooper Assets Inc 
Stanton Rose 
Starr-Bradley Associates Inc 
Steam Takeovers 
Stefan Borer and Associates 
Steinberg Private Equity 
Stellar Worldwide LLC 
Sterling Futures Management Ltd 
Stern Markets 
Stern Options 
VX Markets 
Sternwood Partners 
Stillman Roth 
Stockard Group, The 
Stonewell Finance 
Strategic Alliance Group, The 
Strike Securities Inc (SSInc) 
Strike Commodieties Ltd 
Stromberg Limited 
Stromberg Trading Ltd 
Stronghold Capital Partners 
Stronghold Mergers & Acquisitions Regulatory Board 
Stuart Lyall Futures Limited 
Stuartt Reed Kammer 
Summit M & A Inc 
Sun International Mergers and Acquisitions 
Sure Mergers and Acquisitions 
Swift Loan Services 
Swift Tech Capital 
Swiss Commodities Futures Exchange 
Swiss Private Capital 
Swiss Union 
SwissCash, Swiss Mutual Fund 
The Solomon Group 
Tahoe Futures 
Tain Capital 
Talisman Finance 
Taylor Atlantic Ltd 
Taylor Made Mergers 
TBT Advisory Services 
Teikoku Commodities Inc 
Teres Media Limited 
Term Commodities 
Thalmann Commodities 
The Adam Group 
The Dominion Group 
The Financial & Regulatory Oversight Board 
The Futures Exchange Securities Regulator 
The International Board of Trade Commission 
The International Regulatory Panel of Trade 
The Law office of Michael Johnson 
Thomas Moore Global 
Thompson Brennan Stanley 
Tilney Asset Management 
Timco Ichiban International 
Timmermans-Grantt Solutions (TGS) 
Thomson McKinnon Capital Corp 
TM Capital Corp 
TNC International Trading Inc 
Today Loan Services 
Token Financial 
Tokyo Bay Traders 
Tomas Linz Transfer Agency 
Top Sky Consultants Limited 
Top Ten Binary Brokers 
Tortola Capital 
Tosk Finance Group Snd Bhd 
Total Access Trading Services Limited 
Trade & Clear Ltd 
Trade 12 
Trade 24 
Trade Fire Online Trading Systems UK Limited 
Trade Limited 
Trade Miles International 
Trade Winners 
Tradex Austria 
Tradex Corporation Address 
Transatlantic Alliance Inc 
Transfer Exchange Corporation 
Transglobal Consultants Limited 
TBC Gulf Capital 
Treasure Bay 
Triasian Pacific Trading International 
Trident Fund Inc 
Trident International 
Trillium Advisory Firm 
Triple A Options 
Tri-West Invest Club 
Tube Global Marketing 
Tudor Commodities 
Twin Royale International 
U.S. Stock Regulators 
UFX Global Limited 
Uni World Global Management Limited 
Union Options UK Ltd 
Union Transfer Inc 
United Arab Emirates Commodities Futures Board 
United Capital Management Inc 
United Kingdom Commodity Derivatives Association 
United Kingdom Managed Futures Association 
United States Trading Commission 
Universal Equities Consolidated LLC 
Universal Strategies Ltd 
Universal Ventures 
Up and Down Marketing Limited 
Urban Rock Trading Limited 
Urbanix Limited 
US Equities Registry 
US Securities Investigative Committee 
US Trading Associates Co Ltd 
Vanderberg Asset Management 
Vanquish Capital Associates 
Vantage Global Partners (‘VGP’) 
Vantage International Management Inc 
Vantagepro Asset Management 
VanZandt Group 
VC Management China Ltd 
VCC International Group Ltd 
Venture Capital Exchange 
Vincy Options S.A 
Virgin Gold Mining Corporation 
Vitol Capital Management Ltd 
Vitol Capital 
WAA Fortune International Investment and Management Co. Ltd 
Walden International 
Wall Street Direct 
Warren and Baker 
Warrick Management Group Ltd 
Water Solutions Asia 
Waterhouse Holdings Inc (and Chicago Accounting) 
Wealth Management Group Ltd 
Webster Acquisitions 
Weissman Commodities 
Welch Burton Mergers & Acquisitions Inc. 
WellBank Consultants 
Wellington International 
Wellington Trading Group 
Wells Financial Holdings Ltd 
Westcore Capital Limited 
Western and Gulf Finance Corporation 
Western Capital Inc 
Western Capital Trading 
Western Trust Company 
WesternField Holdings Inc 
Westhill Consulting 
Westwood Management Limited 
Wheeler Asset Group 
Whitby Dumas 
Whitman Lloyds and Associates 
Whittman Wright & Associates 
Widmer Options 
Wilkinson Bennings Securities 
Williams Group, The 
Wilton and Smythe Associates 
Win Sec Group 
Winbase Equities 
Windsor Advisory Services S.A. 
Windsor Limited 
Windsor Venture Securities Co Limited 
Winston Partners and Co 
Wire Securities Ltd 
Wittaker Stanley Inc 
Wizard Financial 
Wolf & Heissner Associates 
World Energy International Inc 
World Options Exchange 
World Trade Commodities Exchange 
World Wide Wealth Management 
Worldleader InvestmentInsider 
Worldleader Investment Ltd 
Worldwide Investment Management Corporation 
Worldwide Investors Management Inc 
Worldwide Securities Investment Comission 
Worldwide Services Inc 
Xenon Group, The 
Xinda Management Group 
Xinjiang Mining Group 
Yamanashi Asset Management 
York Commodities 
Young Lee Associates 
Yutaka Commodities, Inc 
Zimmermann International Group 
Zulutoys Limited 
Zurich Commodities 
Zurich Futures AG 
1st Ventures 
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Banker Profit System 
Big Banks Method 
Binary Brain Trust 
Binary Compound System 
Binary Interceptor 
Binary Option ProBot 
Binary Options Millionaire 
Binary Secret  
Binary Trust Method 
BitCoin Money Machine 
Blazing Trader 
Brexit Bot 
Brexit Money Machine 
Brooks Blueprint 
Bullish University 
Cambridge Method 
Cash Camp 
Cash Capital System 
Cash Formula 
Cash Improve System 
Cash Loophole 
Centument Project 2.0 
Charity Profits App 
Click Money System 
Click Trade App 
Cloud Track Trader 
Cloud Trader 
Cobalt Code 
Compound Trader Software 
Convergence Sniper 
Copy The Pro 
Crack Brokers 
Crazy ATM 
Currencies Club 
Daily Trader Club 
Disrupt Trading 
Doctor Binary 
Dream Catcher 
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Dubai LifeStyle App 
Easy Wealth Creator 
Electoral Profits 
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Escape The Rat Race 
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Five Minute Experiment 
Free Money Guaranteed 
Freedom Circle 
Gemini 2.0 
Global Millionaire Club 
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HFT Finance 
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Ice9 Technology 
IFollow Club 
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Insured Trading 
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Lie Detector Millionaire 
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Your Legacy Club 
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